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Cardiovascular Technology
Cardiovascular Technology


Cardiac Rhythm Management

A healthy heart is essential to good health. That's why we're committed to advancing treatments for people with cardiovascular disease. As a global leader in Cardiac Rhythm Management, our breakthrough medical technologies help restore people's health so they can get back to living their best lives, faster.. We focus on innovative technologies that can improve the way doctors treat people with heart arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeats. Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management solution comprises an extensive portfolio of products designed to help you provide a complete management continuum and keep your heart healthy.


Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) is a proven clinical treatment for heart failure management. Abbott offers a variety of CRT options to help tailor the treatment to your patients. Our CRT products can help you make a powerful difference in the lives of your heart failure patients.



IDesigned to continuously monitor patients’ heart rhythm and detect irregular heartbeats, ICDs deliver electrical signals and controlled shocks in order to restore a normal heart rhythm when necessary.
At Abbott, we are concerned with improving your patients’ safety, comfort and quality of life and have implemented several ICD technologies to meet their needs. Our ICDs elevate the standard of patient care through new algorithms and technology intended to improve patient safety and therapy assurance.

Advancements in pacemaker technology have introduced smaller devices, physician-preferred shapes, MR Conditional systems, remote monitoring and increased device longevity. Abbott offers multiple pacemaker options with unique pacemaker functionality, so you and your team can determine the best pacemaker option for your patients’ conditions.

From the first Bluetooth® remote monitoring technology to our latest app-based features, Abbott has a long history of creating reliable ways to monitor patients outside of the clinic. That commitment has never been as important is it is today: patients increasingly want and need more flexibility to stay connected to your care without an office visit.
We offer products and solutions to help you easily engage in a patient’s health care journey to influence their behavior, encourage compliance and streamline patient management. Abbott is redefining connectivity and remote care with powerfully connected smartphone integration to propel continuous, reliable patient engagement.

Insertable cardiac monitors (ICMs) are small implanted devices that let you continuously monitor your patients’ cardiac rhythms over years. ICMs provide the time needed to diagnose even the most difficult-to-detect arrhythmias, and eliminate the need for bulky external monitors that can interfere with your patients’ daily lives. Our ICM technology is designed to help you clearly and confidently diagnose arrhythmias with fewer interruptions to patients’ daily lives.

The Agilis HisPro™ steerable catheter with electrodes is a deflectable, slittable catheter with two distal tip electrodes for the delivery of cardiac leads to targeted anatomy. Offering accurate targeting and precise control, the Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with electrodes provides predictable catheter performance.